About Us

     GreenTek R&D is a vital operation in today's world, as the need for benevolent and humanitarian technologies has never been greater.

     The main stage focus of  GTRD's Research and  Development is the emerging Global Market.

Our service began with GreenTek RD, LLC registered in Oregon in 2009, operated by Ab Mobasher and Diana Wesley Bay.

      In 2017 we moved to Idaho, to establish GTRD in a rural community where we can positively influence the local economy, while living and working in an environ that feeds our soul.

        In 2019 GTRD will be a fully equipped, fully staffed, business and technology incubator for the design, prototyping and marketing of efficient, cost effective; clean energy, water, and shelter technologies.


        GreenTek R&D combines innovative approaches with practicality in a real world business and technology incubator. GTRD finalizes development of a combinations of very practical and much needed solar and wind technologies that will be converted to products that our energy market needs right now.

        The bottom line is that all participants will greatly benefit from cooperation with GTRD.
        GreenTek R&D designs, develops, manufactures and markets innovative, practical and benevolent products that are harmonious to the environment and to the well-being of future generations. We always find ways to be, “...the solution."


        R&D facilities are the heart and soul of human advancements, growth and economical structures. It is the R&D processes that takes all innovative ideas through the vital stages of development and takes them from concept into manufacturing and profitable products.

        The R&D process furthermore explores and overcomes all possible and relevant issues such as: prior arts (Patent and competition), performance, acceptability, human factor, business and profitability, suitable manufacturing process, sales and marketing.

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