"Our work is much more than making a living.

Our work is about changing

The paradigm of the future.

Like all pioneers, I know we are

Here in these special times,

Anticipating what we must do,
In order to create a future,

Where we as a people,

Can prosper well into the

Twenty-first century and beyond. ”

~ Ab Mobasher

Ab Mobasher, our Founder ~


Innovation with Green and Shared Success



Meet our Founder, Ab Mobasher

    GreenTek R&D is the vision of Ab Mobasher, an R&D specialist with nearly  40 years experience in new product development.

    Over the years, he has developed several of his own practical, earth friendly and humanitarian products based on Benevolent Foresight.

    Having  gone through the innovation process hundreds of times, designing and developing inventions for individuals, major companies, as well as himself, he has created technical drawings and engineered a wide variety of products and technologies, as well as creating the precision tooling and machinery needed for prototyping and manufacture of those products.
Ab is a master inventor, designer and craftsman creating innovative solutions where he sees a benevolent need. 

     He is also a master engraver, master machinist, tool and die maker, and industrial engineer, with a background in creating  high precision aircraft parts, as well as designing and making a wide assortment of new products including tools, patterns and molds for: Rotational Molding, Injection Molding, Investment Casting, Reaction Injection Molding, Die Casting, Spin Casting, Aircraft and Automotive Parts, Boating and Thermo-Forming Industry.

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How we can help you

o Search Prior Art, Patent and Technology
o Conceptual sketches
o Innovative product and concept development
o Product development in SolidWorks 
o Virtual Prototyping in SolidWorkds
o 3-D Prototyping
o Provisional and Utility Patent Preparation  
o Copyright and Trademark Filing
o Identify tooling, technology and manufacturing/production 

Additionally my specialty involves

o Scope your idea for practicality, marketability, potential sales  markets, identify target
         customers and point of entry pricing
o Research competitors, market acceptance
o Research markets with feasibility study
o Development of product identity package
o Assist with business strategy, business structure, sales markets, distribution
         channels, market entry points and potentia business partners
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