Working with some of the Greenest Thumb(s) on Planet:

Paul Coleman
Since 1990 Paul Coleman has walked 47,500 km through 39 nations delivering the environmental message while on a mission to plant 100,000,000 trees, one for every man, woman and child killed in last century of war. 11,350,000 trees have now been planted with the help of friends and supporters from around the world. Since 2009 Paul and his wife Konomi have been building an environmental home and organic gardens in Patagonia, Chile, where they intend to publish the fairytales that he writes. Paul Coleman is Ambassador to the 'Culture of Peace' a UN designated Peace Messenger Initiative and a Charity Ambassador to the 'Living Rain Forest', a British based institution.

I met Paul in Dallas in 1991 in his walk from New Jersey to Rio De Janeiro to speak to Earth Summit. We made a commitment to each other and doing our parts to help our planet with Green and Benevolent technologies

Paul is currently living in an earth home built with his own hand and help of his wife Konomi Kikuchi in Patagonia, Argentina. I am also a member of his international organization.

Geoff Lawton
We will work with Geoff Lawton, utilizing his pioneering works in permaculture and create living and working environment for on site team as well as offering classes on site and online. Locally grown food will be used in our kitchen, shared with team members or sold or donated to local communities. We will also offer community garden for local population to grow their own food and learn the technology from on site classed offered. .

Power Chips
The Power Chip™ is a new technology that uses the physical mechanism of thermionics and quantum thermo tunneling to generate electrical power directly from heat, with no moving parts, and with a higher projected efficiency than any current technology. I met with Power Chips CEO who lives in Portland area and is excited about our technology. Power Chips will be used for power generation and collection in our solar technologies. .

Bamboo Technologies
In 1994, our founder Jeffree Trudeau committed to making his dream a reality - creating bamboo homes as an out-of-the-box solution to the tremendous resource strain caused by conventional building practices. In 2002 Bamboo Living became the first company in the world to offer International Code Council (ICC-ES) approved bamboo Green Homes. Jeffree Trudeau joins the World Bamboo Organization as Special Projects Director. Jeffree brings 20 plus years of active involvement in the worldwide creation of luxury bamboo homes as well as low cost bamboo construction. They are interested in utilizing our pioneer works in bamboo based, Modular buildings (Modu Grown) as well as our energy production and storage system. and .

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