Bringing PROFIT to your shop !

Do you have machinery or a factory sitting idle?

If your idle machinery, factory or company is not running to it's full capacity and is NOT producing income for you, then you need our help!

If you are in your in manufacturing, or marketing, sales or financing then here is your golden opportunity. Let's team up together and create something great for everyone's benefit.

These special times are ideal for utilizing your time and developing great, profitable, marketable and manufacture-able products.

You already have the equipment, trained personnel and probably your own tool department. All you need is a good product to put you back in business and beyond.

Why go through the extremely expensive and time-consuming process of developing new products on your own?

We may already have the right product for you, or we will design the perfect product customized to your manufacturing and marketing needs.


Your company stays busy.

You create income for yourself and owners/stockholders.

Your employees have work.

You may have to hire new employees.

Your facility and equipment can make money for you.

You create jobs and revenue for your supporting industries and suppliers, thus adding to your entire community.

You will be in control and make final decisions.

We also receive abundance from our Shared Succe$$ venture.

This is a Co-Creative, Fair, Cooperative and "Victory for the Whole" adventure like you've never seen before!

We truly believe that it is time to change and take care of one another. We also know that all we do is impacting all of us and the only way to get out of the quicksand is by reaching out to one another and working as a team for common benefits.

My own journey started as a wood carver, I then went on to be a teacher, inspector for American motors, carpenter, welder, industrial model maker, research and development technician, machinist, tool & die maker, and Prototype technician for the air craft and medical industries.

"It is not the talent, education, nor computers but the developing combinations of interrelated skills, plus a willingness to go as far as needed, that has transformed me into a finely honed Solution Finding "Machine".

In the last 40 years we have worked with different clients in a variety of industries and developed custom parts, inventions, technologies and products. We don't have all the answers but know how to find the solutions that work for you and us in a cooperative and Victory for the Whole arrangement.

Let me assist you with my experienced helping hands, and creative mind; together we will crank up your machinery and company to profitable operation. All projects are developed under our NDA /Confidentiality and Shared Succe$$ Agreement.

Let's talk and find a solution to bring new life to your company. What do you have to gain?"  ~ Ab Mobasher, Founder.

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