"We are finally outgrowing and cracking the small shell of protection that at one time gave us the walls we needed to go through our own incubation and hatching. We are realizing now that we are out of our tiny shells, the planet is our playing ground.

We also are realizing that our life and happiness depends on getting along with others and working in harmony for the common good and prosperity.

Lincoln Electric and Harley Davidson are two great companies that are receiving great benefits through their Shared Success principals. Their employees are in charge of quality control and all aspects of production. As a result, they are the direct beneficiaries of highest quality standards, profits and job security.

Employees often have more revenues from profit sharing than regular salaries.

The old saying that "you attract more bees with honey than vinegar" makes perfect sense. Regardless of where you are, you can expect better results by rewarding the participants with their fair share for their contribution. There are virtually unlimited resources of some of the greatest minds, hearts and skills available throughout our beautiful planet.  These resources can be carefully coordinated for mutual benefit as long as all participants are treated with fairness and dignity.

At GreenTEK R&D we are approaching each of these great resources as raw, healthy and vibrant new opportunities. Then, we do our part to create practical working and living machinery to benefit us all. We know that we are all in this planet in a symbiotic relationship and wellness of the others means our own survival.

Using models such as Lincoln Electric and Harley Davidson companies, we are striving to explore and create more practical, fair and rewarding solutions that benefit each of our employess and for all of us."~ AbMobasher, Founder

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