Your ideas are ... a product of your fertile imagination.

Benefit from them ~ let's take them to the world.

We operate within a Shared Success mindset,
A perfect paradigm honoring the fact that we are all one.

Shared Success also means Shared Respect ~
Advancing Humanity to its highest potential


GreenTEK Research and Development is an innovator's HUB of Shared Success, an operation to help inventors and pioneers like you turn your dream into a reality.

Founder, engineer and inventor Ab Mobasher knows what it is like to see an idea fade and to see them succeed. He created this company for two reasons:

to help others bring good ideas to market.
to continue his dream of inventing products  and creating solutions to clean up our environment and utilize its natural resources in a more efficient and effective way to benefit all of society around the globe.

GreenTEK R & D is more than its owners. It is Ab's team of qualified entrepreneurs who were at some point, where you are today.

Each has experienced the pitfalls, the set backs and the successes. Each represents a segment of getting an idea formulated and brought to fruition. From creative re-engineering to funding, high profile marketing and getting shelf space in a retail store, this team has the talent and ability to do just that.

GreenTEK R & D helped people just like you, bring creative thinking to market. We are here to help you.

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INNOVATION 101 is a guide for the "idea person" that will help you avoid the pitfalls of formulating your idea, gathering your team, creating your dream and bringing it to market.

Ab created the FREE 20 Minute Consulation and his ebook INNOVATION 101 as his contribution to every person with an idea for something that will help make life easier. He has compacted his knowledge into this ebook and will assist you if you need in starting your innovation journey with a 20 Minute Free Consultation.

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You've thought about it, you've dreamed it ... now let's make it a reality!

Team Work makes Dreams Work !

Ebook - Full of valuable step-by-step information to assist you thru the innovation process.

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